Saturday, June 25, 2005

Gadgets For Geeks

ThinkGeek::Stuff for smart masses

Yes, that is a camera. Yes it is in a Zippo lighter case. Anymore questions? Yes, it is the coolest thing I've seen so far. No seriously though, this thing is the smallest GOOD camera on the block. Granted your not going to be taking high-res pictures of the moon, this thing's not too bad. With 8MB of storage and video and audio recording, all in a small stylish case, it might be a bit pricey at $79.99, but let me remind you, you are getting a camera in a Zippo Case. James Bond Stealth Camera

ThinkGeek is also good for other things....Geeky things though like T-Shirts that say "Theres no place like" and even "I read your email." They even sell an Evil Genius Lab Coat and the regular stuff like watches and ties. How about a device that can turn any smooth flat surface into a speaker ( Sonic Impact Sound Pads) and even a Tape deck that fits into a regular 5.25" drive bay (Plus Deck). So in closing because I'm sick of writing long blog entries, just go check out ThinkGeek.


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