Wednesday, June 22, 2005

iPod - It's Just a Phase

iPod this, and iPod that just about everywhere you look and as Apple puts it, it's a 5000 hit wonder. Yet what makes this product just so different from others, and how come every corner you turn, you see the familiar look of white wires trailing up someone's chest and his thumb scrolling along around the dial.

The iPod is definitely something almost everyone has heard about, and one that almost everyone owns. This little device is can be simply dubbed as a hard drive in a case with a cool little touch pad , yet how come everyone has to have one. The iPod mini comes in a 4GB version and also in a 6GB version and retails for around $199 with 18 hours of battery life. It's bigger brother, The iPod retails for around $299 with a 12 hour battery life and allows you to store around 5000 songs. Next in the list is the iPod U2 special edition which is in fact just a regular iPod, looking like it's just starred on the next home makeover show. We then come along to our next release of this iPod story, known as the iPod shuffle. The iPod shuffle is really nothing but your standard old mp3 player, except it looks like a block of lego and is missing a digital display. Why it's so common is the biggest mystery as it clearly isn't loaded with the latest bells and whistles, which makes you wonder why its even out in the market. And finally we have the latest in the addition which is the new iPod Photo. The iPod Photo is your standard Ipod on steroids with a cooler set of shades. Ringing in at $349, this monster has a crisp colour display and ships in 2 models of 30GB and 60GB.

And so we come to an end in the iPod product line (for now atleast, until Apple decides it's time to upgrade the hard drive and maybe even include a walk-in closet in the next iPod), but not yet to an end in my rant. Sorry folks but the only problem I have with this thing is the fact that it's not even that good. I'd understand everyone on the block wanting to own the best product out there but the only thing the iPod does is lighten your wallet. Examining our other options, we have the Creative Zen and even the Zen Micro. The Creative Zen is Apple's biggest competitor as it offers the same 20GB harddrive except in a cooler package. With its eerie blue glow and FM radio, this obviously is already better than the iPod. Then we get the Zen Micro (anyone noticed a pattern yet) which just like the iPod mini, ships in a 4, 5, and 6 GB version and even ships in 10 bright colours. Did we mention that the Creative line of products definitely looks way better than anything the folks at Apple could come up with. The Zen Neeon is next in this crazy line of products, but is something that most of the market hasn't even heard about. Slightly larger than the iPod shuffle yet this beast ships in a 5GB version and compared to the shuffle. Yet the people said no, and this had the folks at Creative banging their heads on the wall trying to figure out what it is that the people want. And then it came to them and on the 8th day Creative "created" the Zen Touch. With a handy little touch pad, just like the iPod and 20GB and 40Gb versions the Zen Touch is the perfect competitor for iPod. As if this isn't cruel enough to the folks at Apple, Creative decided it wasn't done just yet and came up with the Zen Nano, Zen NX, Zen Xtra and Nomad Jukebox. This really angered the folks at Apple and left them in the dust so some wiseguy decided he could outdo Creative with his genius idea of the iPod Photo. Creative got mad and once again kicked Apple in the face with the Zen Portable Media Center. This thing has a 20GB harddrive but is basically a portable TV as you can watch your downloaded videos on it too. Even Dell decided it would like some of the action and joined in to create the Dell Digital Jukebox and the Pocket DJ. So before you set out for yet another portable media device, just do yourself a favour and examine your options more carefully. As can be clearly seen, the iPod is nothing but a phase.


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