Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Making the Switch - Mozilla Firefox

Annoyed yet by the millions of pop-ups and hundreds of toolbars that just seem to magically install themselves into internet explorer. Is your browser just getting too messy, and you just want something that's cleaner. If that's you, or even if that isn't you seriously need to consider Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer is a serious safety issue on anyone's computer, and is the reason for almost 95% of all spy-ware on your computer. So in theory, eliminate the use of the Explorer browser and out goes your spy-ware. Yes it is that easy, and Firefox is just the browser you need. Firefox empowers you to browse faster, safer and more efficiently than any other browser and currently has over 64 million users. If your worried about losing your favorites and your settings saved on IE, then Firefox even solves that by giving you the option to import your favorites and settings. Explorer is still the only browser that yet hasn't employed the use of tabbed browsing into its browser and once you discover that feature there is no turning back. You no longer need to have multiple browsers open to surf multiple pages, but instead you have a single browser open that will tab back and forth through many pages. With pop-up blocking and enhanced privacy and security, you can pretty much say goodbye to those ever so common pop-ups and self installing toolbars for free rebates. It even contains a small search field, built right into your toolbar so you can immediately search sites through google or even use other search engines. Hassle free downloading and live RSS feeds are yet another reason why Firefox comes out at top. It is time to make the switch and get rid of that ghastly Internet Explorer. Firefox will allow you to customize just about every single feature and even allows you to install themes that will change the look of your browser. Overall, Firefox will definitely speed up your browsing experience and with the setup file just rounding in at 4.7mb, what's the harm in giving it a shot. It's completely open source meaning this has been created by the people, and for the people, say goodbye to commercial marketing schemes, and hello to your best browsing experience.

Mozilla Firefox
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