Monday, June 20, 2005

Sony Playstation 3

Sony is yet another competitor in this crazy market of entertainment that is going through some drastic changes. We are going to see a fairly large jump when XBOX 360 is released, but Sony actually has a slight advantage as it will release its console after the new XBOX is released. That being said Sony plans to release the PS3 around spring of 2006, but we all know how reliable those dates are.

The PS3 boasts a gaming engine that will be almost 35 times more powerful than the PS2, and will even support upto 7 wireless controllers. Immediately it's obvious that fragging 6 of your friends is going to definitely prove to be a wild night, but that means that each gamer only gets about 45 pixels of the screen (Don't bother with the math, I know its wrong). So the PS3 also will contain wireless support for upto 2 wireless outputs. If you're lost, let me help you. You have one PS3 in the house that will wirelessly connect to 2 TV's / Displays. Now upto 7 people can connect their controllers wirelessly to the console and play on their respective screens. This adds up to 3 people playing on one screen and 4 playing on another. Did we mention that you only need 1 console. Yes it's amazing but sure does make you wonder why they only configured support for 7 controllers and not 8, this makes for odd number of gamers per team when you play. It also supports the usual 1080i and 720p resolutions, which means high-def is supported and is fully backward compatible with old PS and even PS2 games. Another feature added is the ability to use your PSP device either as a controller or an additional screen, to view tactical or statistical information that will tie into your game. The PS3 will also ship with a hard drive and a storage bay to allow users to store data and profiles into a memory card just like XBOX 360. Unfortunately they, Sony is yet to release specs on the hard-drive, and rumor has is it, that they might even scrap the whole hard drive idea in order to save money and allow gamers to buy and upgrade their own Hard Drive. The PS3 interface will even allow users to access the internet which is a nice little touch that has been added, and the gaming console will also ship with a wireless Ethernet port for 802.11b and 802.11g, but unlike the XBOX 360, will not support the faster version of 802.11a. Compared to XBOX 360 though the PS3 lacks in processing power as it contains only a single processor clocking in at 3.2 GHz. Right now at this stage though, it is indeed very difficult to say for sure which console will come out and rule our markets of today with an iron fist, but it is obvious that Sony has the advantage due to its release date, whether or not they use this is now left upto them.

Update: Words out that Microsoft is planning to relase Halo 3 when PS3 releases in order to keep up with the competition.


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Update: Words out that Microsoft is planning to relase Halo 3 when PS3 releases in order to keep up with the competition.

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