Wednesday, June 29, 2005

VroomBox - Will be sold at Wal Mart

Everyone's been to the Wal Mart auto sections and has seen those cheap plastic 14" hubcaps they market as "Bling Rims" and even those Shift Knobs that look like they've been carved out by a monkey with ADD, but nothing beats the VroomBox.

We've all wanted a ride with a powerful engine under the hood that makes everyone stare at the traffic light. Sadly this is as close as close to it, as some of us are ever going to get. The VroomBox is a digital sound generator that is connected to your cars tachometer. It is then wired through to different subwoofers and can apparently make your car sound like virtually any other car. This is even worse than those hubcaps Wal Mart sells and here we were thinking nothing could get worse. Who in their right mind would buy this. For starters you have to really crank this thing up to get this fake digitalized sound, otherwise someone simply needs to step close to your hood and they can hear your lousy engine underneath. And once your past that, you might get the sound, but where's the rumble and the feel. You might as well have a bumper sticker on your car saying "My other car is in the wash." Before you ever consider visiting the Wal Mart auto section just consider leaving your car the way it is. No one is going to laugh at your ride if its perfectly stock, but as soon as pull up the the light with your VroomBox and "Bling Rims" even grandpa in his OldsMobile is going to be laughing.


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